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Ethereum is a digital currency, created in 2015, that utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. It has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and its value fluctuates significantly over time. This article looks at some of the best Ethereum price trackers available, providing an overview of their features and functionality.

In order to provide an informed view on which Ethereum price tracker is best suited for an individual’s needs, this article will look at eight different platforms: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, CoinTracker, Blockr.io and Etherscan. Each platform provides unique insights into current market conditions and makes tracking changes in the value of Ethereum simple and efficient. An analysis of each platform’s features will be presented so readers can make a more informed decision when selecting a price tracker for their own use.

Key Takeaways

  • CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, CoinTracker, Blockr.io, and Etherscan are some of the top platforms analyzed for tracking Ethereum prices.
  • These platforms offer real-time data and information about Ethereum prices, along with features such as fundamental analysis, price alerts, and blockchain scalability monitoring.
  • Gemini is a popular platform known for its top-tier security, competitive fees, and convenient mobile app for account access.
  • Other platforms like CryptoCompare, CryptoWatch, Blockfolio, Tradingview, and Binance also provide comprehensive tracking, charting, and trading tools for Ethereum investors.


CoinMarketCap is an online platform that offers real-time data and information about the prices of Ethereum, including daily highs, lows, and changes. It also provides a range of additional features to help users track trends in cryptocurrency markets in areas such as coinmarketcap trends, crypto fiat conversions, volume rankings by currency pair and market capitalization. CoinMarketCap’s user interface is designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform allows users to easily search for Ethereum prices across different exchanges within a given period. Furthermore, it also provides access to historical charts which can be used to observe long-term price movements and analyze market cycles. This gives investors greater insight into their investments when attempting to make informed decisions about their portfolio. CoinMarketCap has become one of the most widely used tools across the cryptocurrency industry due its comprehensive dataset and reliable analysis capabilities. As such, it serves as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to keep up with the latest Ethereum price developments. Transitioning into coingecko section without writing ‘step’.


CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregation platform, allowing users to track the prices and market capitalizations of digital assets. It provides an overview of the cryptocurrency markets, featuring features such as price charts, crypto reviews, and news alerts. CoinGecko also offers practical tools such as portfolio tracking with price alerts which help users monitor their investments more efficiently.


An overview of the best Ethereum price trackers reveals that they provide reliable, up-to-date information to keep investors in the loop and ahead of the game. These trackers offer features such as:

  • Fundamental analysis of Ethereum’s on-chain metrics
  • Monitor blockchain scalability progress
  • Real-time price alerts across multiple exchanges
    By providing these features, Ethereum price trackers make it easy for cryptocurrency traders to stay informed about market conditions and make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, these tools are designed to be user friendly and intuitive, so investors can quickly access comprehensive data in one place that is both accurate and reliable. With this information available at their fingertips, investors can trade confidently knowing they have up-to-date insights into the Ethereum markets. The next section considers how these tools specifically address each of these needs.


Ethereum price trackers offer a range of features designed to provide investors with up-to-date market information and insights. These features include real-time data on the current Ethereum price, price volatility metrics, and tools to help users monitor their trading strategies. Price volatility metrics are especially useful for investors looking for more detailed information about Ethereum’s performance on the markets; they can be used to identify buy and sell signals, measure the effectiveness of a given strategy, or gain insight into long-term trends in the crypto marketplace. With these features, investors have an easier time determining when it is best to enter or exit positions in order to maximize their returns.

The availability of price alerts is another important feature of Ethereum price trackers that helps ensure users never miss out on potential investment opportunities as they arise. Alerts can be configured based on user preferences so that traders are always informed when prices reach certain thresholds or new developments occur in the crypto space. This allows them to act quickly and make decisions confidently in order to capitalize on any sudden changes in market conditions or other unforeseen events.

Price Alerts

Price alerts provide users with the ability to stay up-to-date on the latest Ethereum market information and act quickly on any potential investment opportunities. Quality price alerts can be set up on crypto exchanges or wallet apps, allowing users to receive notifications about changes in Ethereum prices. This enables traders to make informed decisions about when is the best time to buy or sell Ethereum coins. With such easy access to price data, investors are able to track real time trends of Ethereum prices and analyze their strategies accordingly. In order for these alerts to be effective, they need to include accurate data that is accessible in a timely manner which many exchanges and wallet apps do offer today. As such, price alerts are an invaluable tool for those looking to stay informed of the current state of the Ethereum market and capitalize on profitable opportunities. Transitioning into this next section, Coinbase can be used as a reliable source for setting up accurate price alerts for Ethereum trading.


Coinbase, a digital currency exchange, offers its users the ability to monitor and track Ethereum prices in real time, providing a window into the ever-evolving financial landscape. Coinbase provides a secure platform for trading Ethereum with a high level of security and low transaction fees. Furthermore, Coinbase allows users to set up notifications that alert them when Ethereum reaches certain price points. This feature is especially helpful for traders looking to stay ahead of the market or take advantage of potential opportunities quickly.

Amongst all these features, Coinbase also offers detailed analytics on current market trends such as daily highs and lows, volume traded per day and more. This data can be used to make better informed decisions about buying or selling Ethereum at any given moment. Additionally, Coinbase also provides an intuitive interface which makes tracking Ethereum prices easy even for beginner traders. With all these features combined together, Coinbase is one of the best options available out there for keeping track of Ethereum prices in real time.


Kraken is another popular digital currency exchange that provides a secure platform for trading Ethereum and offers advanced analytics to help traders make informed decisions. Kraken has implemented a range of security measures including two-factor authentication, data encryption, IP address whitelisting and more to ensure users’ funds are protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, the exchange offers competitive fees for both makers and takers depending on the trade volume and order sizes. These features make Kraken an ideal choice for those looking to track Ethereum prices in real time. Furthermore, its user friendly interface makes it easy to navigate with tools such as charts, tickers and graphs all accessible through the main page. In conclusion, Kraken provides an excellent platform for tracking Ethereum prices securely with low fees and advanced analytics. With its intuitive design and comprehensive security measures, it is no wonder why this exchange is one of the most popular options among traders looking to track Ethereum prices today. Transitioning into Gemini now – Gemini is a digital asset exchange that allows users to buy Bitcoin or Ether using their local currency.


Gemini is a digital asset exchange that offers users the ability to securely purchase Bitcoin and Ether with their local currency, providing an efficient platform for traders as they seek to navigate the volatile crypto market. As the saying goes, ‘Knowledge is power’, and Gemini’s user-friendly interface provides traders with the necessary tools to make informed trading decisions. With its advanced security protocols and competitive fees, Gemini makes it easy for anyone to trade cryptocurrency:

  • Traders can rest assured that their funds are safe since Gemini has partnered with one of the world’s most reputable financial services firms—the New York Stock Exchange—to ensure top-tier security.
  • Fees are based on a sliding scale depending on the amount traded; this allows traders of all sizes to benefit from lower costs while gaining exposure to cryptocurrency markets.
  • Finally, Gemini also offers a mobile app which enhances flexibility and convenience for those who want access to their account wherever they go.
    Gemini has built itself into one of the most trusted exchanges in the industry, making it an ideal choice for any trader seeking reliable service at reasonable fees. By comparison with other exchanges, Gemini stands out for its commitment to customers’ safety and ease of use. From here we turn our attention towards Cryptocompare as another Ethereum price tracker option.


CryptoCompare is a popular platform for cryptocurrency users to explore the latest market data and trends. It provides an array of features, such as live portfolio tracking, price alerts, historical charting tools, detailed coin information and pricing. CryptoCompare also offers options for monitoring regulatory updates related to cryptocurrency activities in different countries. In addition, it provides wallet security features like two-factor authentication and backup codes which help protect user assets from unauthorized access or hacking attempts. With the many features available on CryptoCompare’s platform, users can easily keep track of their investments and remain informed about current market conditions. As such, it is a great resource for investors looking to stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrencies. By utilizing its features, investors can make informed decisions about their investments while staying compliant with relevant regulations. As an industry leader in providing valuable insights into the cryptocurrency market, CryptoCompare remains a reliable option for traders who want to track Ethereum prices and stay informed of any changes in the market.


CryptoWatch is a comprehensive cryptocurrency tracking platform that offers users up-to-date market data and insights into the digital asset space. It provides real-time pricing information for Ethereum as well as other coins, allowing users to access Coinbase trading and Kraken charts. CryptoWatch allows traders to stay informed of the latest news in the crypto space and develop their own strategies based on market conditions. It also provides charting tools and portfolio management capabilities that enable traders to make better decisions on when to buy or sell Ethereum. Additionally, CryptoWatch features an intuitive user interface with a responsive design that makes it easy for novice traders to quickly get up-to-speed with trading Ethereum. With its advanced analytics suite, CryptoWatch provides powerful insights into price movements of Ethereum over time, giving traders an edge in the markets. As such, CryptoWatch is one of the best Ethereum price trackers available today for those looking to gain an advantage while investing in this dynamic asset class. The wealth of resources available through CryptoWatch provide valuable information and transparency into Ethereum prices which can be used by investors to make informed decisions regarding their trades. Transitioning now to the subsequent section about ‘Blockfolio’, it is another popular choice among cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are seeking a tool for tracking portfolio performance and making smart investment choices within this emerging industry.


Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that offers users a comprehensive set of features for tracking and analyzing their digital asset investments. It supports Coinbase in particular, which provides assurance to users regarding the security of their assets. HitBTC also provides support on the platform, ensuring that users are able to access secure services. With these features, Blockfolio allows users to stay informed on market conditions and make better investment decisions. The platform also enables them to monitor performance, price changes, manage alerts and notifications as well as view news related items about cryptocurrency markets. By providing these features, Blockfolio helps users gain more insights into their investments and maximize returns. In addition to this, its intuitive interface makes it easy for even novice investors to keep track of their portfolios with ease. Transitioning into the subsequent section about ‘tradingview’, it is clear that both platforms offer distinct yet complementary sets of tools for managing cryptocurrency investments efficiently.


Tradingview is a powerful platform for cryptocurrency traders, offering an array of tools to facilitate efficient tracking and analysis of digital asset investments. It integrates with many major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken, allowing users to easily view relevant trading data which can then be used in comprehensive technical analysis. Tradingview also offers advanced charting capabilities such as drawing tools, indicators and automated alerts, allowing users to make informed decisions when trading their assets. The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for novice traders to get started quickly, while experienced traders will appreciate the range of features available for more sophisticated analysis. With its combination of user-friendly design and powerful features, Tradingview has become one of the preferred price trackers for many cryptocurrency markets. As such, it provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to monitor or trade Ethereum prices effectively. To further enhance their trading experience, investors may choose to explore Binance next.


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform for digital assets. It offers an array of features that are beneficial to traders, such as margin trading, spot trading, derivatives trading, and its own native token. Additionally, the Binance platform provides users with advanced price alerts that allow them to receive real-time notifications when certain market conditions are met. As a result, it is an attractive feature for those looking to stay updated on price movements in order to make informed decisions about their investments.


Accurately tracking Ethereum prices is an essential tool for investors to help ensure successful returns. Binance is a leading Ethereum price tracker that provides a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency market. The platform offers features such as:

  • Coinbase Fees: Low transaction fees and competitive spreads to facilitate secure purchases of ETH tokens.
  • Kraken UI: A user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation makes investing easy and efficient.
  • Historical Data: Accessible data on historical price movements helps users understand the current market trends and make informed investment decisions.
    These features give investors an edge when it comes to accurately tracking the Ethereum prices, allowing them to better manage their portfolios and maximize their returns. Additionally, Binance also provides real-time news updates and market analysis from industry experts to further support traders in making sound investments decisions. With these benefits, Binance is one of the top Ethereum price trackers available today offering users a reliable source for information about the cryptocurrency markets.


Backed by powerful features, investors can make informed decisions that lead to lucrative returns when trading Ethereum. Many of the best Ethereum price trackers offer a comprehensive range of features which allow users to stay up-to-date on the latest market developments and pricing trends. These include live quotes, charting tools and technical analysis indicators, as well as newsfeeds from reputable sources such as CoinDesk. Additionally, some platforms provide an array of user feedback and ratings so that customers can compare pros and cons before making their investment decisions. By leveraging these features – along with informative price alerts – investors can maximize their profits in the cryptocurrency markets.

Price Alerts

Price alerts offer investors the ability to stay informed about fluctuations in prices and take advantage of lucrative trading opportunities. Ethereum price trackers often provide a feature to set up notifications for changes in price based on certain criteria, such as when the price rises or falls past a certain level. This allows investors to be aware of large changes in the market quickly, allowing them time to analyze chart patterns and take positions accordingly. Price alerts also provide insight into the volatility of an asset by giving users an idea of how frequently prices are changing, providing valuable context beyond simply tracking current pricing data. By offering real-time data and analysis from multiple sources, Ethereum price trackers with price alert features help investors stay ahead of market movements and make more informed decisions regarding their investments. As such, these tools can be invaluable resources for those looking to maximize returns on their cryptocurrency investments. With this information in hand, traders can move swiftly when necessary and capitalize on short-term opportunities that arise due to market volatility.


HitBTC, a major cryptocurrency exchange, offers Ethereum trading pairs with over 50 cryptocurrencies and has reported volumes of over $240 million in the last 24 hours. As one of the most well-known exchanges available, HitBTC offers users several advantages:

  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Secure storage for digital assets
  • Low fees on trades
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Advanced order types like stop loss orders for risk management.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider when using HitBTC such as its lack of fiat currency options and the fact that it is not regulated by any type of government organization. Despite these drawbacks, HitBTC remains popular due to its intuitive user interface and wide variety of features. Nevertheless, it is important for traders to be aware of all potential risks before investing in cryptocurrencies on this platform. With this in mind, transitioning into other services like Cointracker can be beneficial since they offer additional features that may provide more security or convenience for users.


CoinTracker is an online platform that provides a comprehensive overview of cryptocurrency holdings and transactions. It offers various features such as portfolio tracking, transaction history, tax reporting tools, and price alerts. The platform allows users to set up automatic notifications when their preferred coin reaches a certain price point in order to help them make informed decisions regarding their investments. CoinTracker helps traders stay on top of the volatile crypto market by providing accurate and timely data about the performance of different coins.


Analyzing the pricing of Ethereum on a trusted exchange can be crucial to tracking its fluctuations. CoinTracker is a popular platform that provides price analysis and market trend insights for Ether, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to track their investments. Features of the platform include:

  • Comprehensive portfolio management tools
  • Accessible real-time data updates
  • A diverse selection of APIs to build custom integrations
  • An easy-to-use dashboard with helpful visualizations.
    The features provided by CoinTracker make it an invaluable resource for investors who wish to stay up-to-date on current Ethereum prices and monitor their investments over time. With its comprehensive suite of tools, CoinTracker is one of the best Ethereum price trackers available.


Having an overview of the best Ethereum price tracker, the next step is to explore its features in greater detail. The primary feature of this type of software is that it allows users to monitor and track prices from various cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that users are able to access real-time data on Ethereum prices from multiple sources, making it easier for them to make informed decisions about when to buy or sell their currency. Additionally, many Ethereum price trackers also offer an Ethereum mining calculator, which allows users to calculate their expected profit based on the amount of Ether they have mined and the current market value of Ether. With this information in hand, miners can determine which strategy will yield them the best return on their investment. Furthermore, some trackers also provide alerts when certain thresholds are met or exceeded so investors can act quickly before a significant change takes place.

Price Alerts

Price alerts enable users to act quickly before significant changes in the Ethereum market take place, providing an opportunity to capitalize on potential profits with a timely response. Price volatility is often unpredictable and can be difficult for investors to keep up with. As such, price alerts can serve as an important tool in data analysis of the Ethereum market which helps its users stay informed about changes and increases their chances of making successful trades. Furthermore, such price alerts have been proven to be invaluable by reducing the amount of time required when monitoring prices for opportunities to buy or sell Ethereum tokens. By continuously tracking fluctuations in pricing, users are able to respond more quickly and minimize losses due to sudden swings in the market. In conclusion, this provides a practical solution that allows investors to make informed decisions based on current market conditions and capitalize on any potential profit-making opportunities. With this knowledge, users can transition into exploring blockr.io as another possible option for tracking Ethereum prices.


Blockr.io offers a comprehensive overview of Ethereum prices, providing users with an extensive range of data points to inform their investment decisions. This platform has become well-known for its Coinbase security and Blockfolio UI, which are both highly regarded for their reliability. The platform also provides up-to-date details on the latest price movements, trading volume and market capitalization to help investors make informed decisions about their investments. Additionally, users can enjoy the convenience of setting customized price alerts that notify them when certain thresholds have been reached. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of features, Blockr.io is a popular option among Ethereum investors looking for a reliable price tracker.

The next step in finding the best Ethereum price tracker is to explore Etherscan – another widely used platform in the crypto market that offers detailed insights into blockchain activities such as token transfers and smart contract executions.


Etherscan is another Ethereum price tracker that provides real-time data for the cryptocurrency. It offers an array of information, including block numbers, gas prices, and total difficulty. Etherscan also provides a wide range of API options to help developers build more accurate applications and analytics tools. However, like Blockr.io, Etherscan has its limitations when it comes to scanning capabilities and data accuracy.

The data provided by Etherscan can be unreliable in some cases due to the fact that the website only scans certain blockchain nodes instead of all the nodes on the network. Furthermore, there are discrepancies in how transactions are displayed and processed which makes it difficult to accurately track price movements over time. That said, Etherscan remains a useful tool for monitoring Ethereum prices and providing analysis on market trends with its comprehensive suite of features. These insights can help traders make better decisions about when to buy or sell their ETH holdings. With this in mind, it is important to weigh up the benefits versus drawbacks before using any Ethereum price tracker such as Etherscan or Blockr.io as a reliable source for gauging market performance – ultimately concluding that an Ethereum Price Index may provide a more holistic view of pricing changes across multiple exchanges in order to gain an overall perspective on market direction.

Ethereum Price Index

An Ethereum Price Index can provide a comprehensive view of pricing changes across multiple exchanges, allowing investors to gain an insightful and detailed overview of the market’s direction – like a lighthouse in a stormy sea. The index works by tracking the various prices for Ethereum across the exchanges, providing a real-time analysis of historical trends and price fluctuations. This allows investors to make informed trading decisions based on accurate data regarding current and past market performance. By comparing different aspects of the Ethereum market, such as buy and sell orders, trade volumes, and exchange rates, investors can get an idea of where the market is headed in terms of price movements. Furthermore, this data can be used to better understand when to enter or exit positions in order to maximize profits or minimize losses. In conclusion, an Ethereum Price Index is invaluable for any investor looking to take advantage of price movements in the cryptocurrency markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Ethereum?

When buying Ethereum, it is important to consider the buying limits and payment methods available. Different exchanges may have different limits on how much can be bought as well as what types of payment methods are accepted. It is important to compare and research these options before initiating a purchase.

What is the safest way to store Ethereum?

Safely storing Ethereum requires strategic digital security measures. Like a fortress, the most successful strategies are built upon strong foundations of secure wallet types and up-to-date protocols. When evaluating storage options, users must consider features such as multi-signature authentication, private keys, and cold storage solutions.

How do I set up an Ethereum wallet?

To set up an Ethereum wallet, users must first acquire a wallet address and connect it to their existing cryptocurrency exchange or bank account. Afterward, they can deposit funds into the wallet and start staking them to earn rewards. To maximize security, users should consider setting up two-factor authentication and backup private keys.

What are the benefits of using Ethereum?

The advantages of Ethereum are numerous, ranging from its revolutionary smart contracts to its cutting-edge decentralized finance capabilities. Offering more flexibility than other blockchains, Ethereum unlocks a range of possibilities that can be explored and harnessed for various applications. It is an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals alike.

How do I track Ethereum transactions?

Ethereum transactions can be tracked using mining pools and decentralized exchanges. These platforms provide detailed data, allowing users to analyze transaction information, such as fees, block size, and confirmation times. Additionally, the decentralized nature of these networks ensures security and privacy.